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Often Asked Questions About Garage Doors

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Often Asked Questions About Garage Doors

Having a garage door means you are likely to have many questions about it. That's why we've included the answers to the most common ones on our FAQs page. Make sure you read through them to find out more.

Why is my garage door making popping sounds?

This noisy issue usually occurs when the rollers have severely worn-out. You can confirm this with a basic inspection. In order for the noise to be eliminated and for the door to work normally again, the worn rollers must be replaced. You can choose between metal and nylon units. The latter ones are considered to be quieter and don't require lubrication maintenance, however, they aren't as durable.

Which are better - galvanized or oil tempered springs?

They both have different purposes. Zinc-coated springs, or galvanized units as they're known, are meant to resist rust and to be used in places with a lot of moisture and humidity in the air. Oil tempered springs do not have this kind of protection. However, they are stronger and don't need to be lubricated, and will last longer than their counterparts. The weight of your door and your surrounding weather will determine which one is better for you.

What are the benefits of a sectional garage door?

The main benefit of having a sectional door is that when it sustains damage, only the affected panels must be replaced, and not the entire door. This saves money and time and makes the repair work easier. Added insulation will be required, however, as the gaps between the panels will need to be filled to maintain the adequate protection of your garage.

How can I protect my torsion springs in the winter?

Garage door torsion springs need to keep their flexibility in order to keep doing their job properly and that's why lubrication maintenance on a regular basis is needed. According to the experts at our company, cold winter weather requires particular lubricants, which can better protect springs from freezing. Don't forget that extreme temperature fluctuations can affect their condition too so you must lubricate and maintain them before winter arrives.

Which garage door material is a better insulator?

Insulation can be added to different materials via extra sheets and foam filling. Wood is a natural insulator, but it also requires more frequent maintenance. For colder climates, you should prefer metal doors that can be insulated artificially, and thus even surpass the natural qualities that wooden panels may offer. An aluminum garage door can also be insulated if you're looking for a lightweight model. The answer, then, will vary dependant on your specific preferences.


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